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 Sectional Door System
The Precision sectional doors open up and overhead with galvanized steel a hinged system making the mechanism same and durable.

Our sectional doors are able to fit in a variety of applications including angular and arched garage openings. They are therefore ideal for refurbishing your garage to add a touch of surprisingly good value luxury.

You can also operate an automatic door as easily as your TV set. One button pressed and you can drive and secure into your garage in all weathers.

Precision Doors has implements the use of the Torsion spring system as apposed to the Tension system, thus enabling a more reliable and safer system as well as reducing the noise levels by as much as 70%. A recent study conducted by the U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission showed that the energy released when a tension spring fails is as much as a 44 Magnum bullet at point blank range leaving many small components flying around. The consequences can be lethal. Where as the spring on the torsion system is contained in the torsion axel in the event of a spring failure.