Safety Spring and Cable Failure Devices

In our quest for improving the standards of safety to the garage door industry, we at Precision Doors are constantly researching systems that will enhance the operation of garage doors.

The sectional overhead garage door is the most efficient and reliable functioning door system available. The mechanism is designed to give effortless functions to both manual and motorized operation.

Component failure due to age can result in serious accidents and costly repairs. Precision Doors has secured the exclusive marketing and distribution rights for two internationally patented component failure devices namely the spring safety device & the cable safety device, highly recommended for doors over the age of three to five years, depending on the frequency of use.

Spring Failure Device
The spring failure device adopts the inertia feature that locks the door from free falling in the event of a spring snapping due to metal fatigue. The anti-drop device incorporates an industrial-strength, spring-loaded catch that works in conjunction with a keyed shaft and cable drums. In the event of spring failure, the catch engages and holds the door in the current position. If the door is moving, the catch immediately prevents the door from dropping.
The Cable Safety Device

The safety cable device operates on a braking system which kicks into operation when the cable releases its tension hold on the lifting brackets.

Genuine torsion system

As off immediate affect Precision Doors has implemented the use of the Torsion spring system as apposed to the Tension system.

Thus enabling a more reliable and safer system as well as reducing noise levels by as much as 70%. A recent study conducted by the U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission showed that the energy released when a tension spring fails is as much as a 44 Magnum bullet at point blank range. The consequences can be lethal.